Hots Draft, a heroes of the storm draft helper

A FREE tool developed by a hots fan to help you draft.
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Why hots draft?

This mathematical tool helps you draft heroes by answering various question you may ask yourself during draft sequence.
  • Does this hero fit my team comp? Is there some synergy between our picks?
  • Does this hero counters enemy picks?
  • Is this hero weak versus enemy heroes?
  • Does this hero fit the map?
  • This hero is not one of my main ones but is it worth it to play it in this context (map/enemies/synergy)?
  • Do we have and need a solo laner?
  • Do we have enough waveclear for the map or their split push picks?
  • Do we have heroes good at doing merc camps?
  • Would it be nice to have a global?
  • They drafted two solid tanks, do we counter that?
  • Would it be nice to have a mage to counter these lili/artanis picks?
  • And so on ...
Mathematical algorithm that determines best options based on personnal datas
Having trouble to evaluate all options in 30 sec during draft? Just let heroes draft helper tool improve your drafting skills.
Tell us which heroes you are willing to play and what is the level of comfort & experience with everyone of them. Log in and the algorithm will take into account your personal preferences in decision making.

Improve your heroes of the storm ladder winrate

Better drafting is better chances at winning. This website will evaluate for you a ranking for every remaining hero that you own and can play well enough.
You will be given in real time the ordered list by algorithm ranking of heroes as the draft goes on based on all given parameters. Make you choice between top ranked suggested heroes and adapt your pick with one of the few heroes that fit the best!

Try hots draft helper with default heroes preference data

(basic option, may not fit your picks)
With this quick implementation, the algorithm won't take into consideration your preferences and will consider that you are comfortable with playing both illidan and lost vikings as an exemple.

Create free account and use your data

(best option)
The algorithm won't suggest you anymore these weird heroes you don't want to play!

Hots Draft Changelog

Hots Draft was Released on May 2018, list of updates:

Updated on 2019/08/26 :
  • Added Anduin & Qhira
Updated on 2019/01/31 :
  • Added Imperius
Updated on 2018/11/21 :
  • Added Orphea
Updated on 2018/10/19 :
  • Added Mal'Ganis
  • You can now switch your pref on/off while drafting
  • Increase "Stay Logged" time
Updated on 2018/09/05 :
  • Added another language : French
  • Added some UX elements
  • Added Mephisto
Updated on 2018/08/17 :
  • Added Ban suggestion list
  • Reworked UI / UX for draft and role selections
  • Improved global UI / UX for mobiles
  • Added more weight to heroes current winrates
Updated on 2018/08/16 :
  • Fixed a major bug on draft caused by previous release (I'm sorry :P )
Updated on 2018/08/08 :
  • From now on stats (counters/maps/winrates/...) will be updated daily automatically
  • Whiteman was added to the tool
  • Draft UI : You can no longer select twice a hero (blue team, red team, banned)
Updated on 2018/07/18 :
  • Draft UI : Now 6 bans available
  • Draft UI : Yrel has her own data & picture on draft screen
v2.0 Updated on 2018/06/07 :
  • Draft UI : Ranking scores are now explained in suggestion list! Check it out
  • Draft UI : Heroes now have icons
  • Draft UI : Better visual for map selection
Updated on 2018/05/31 :
  • UI - Improved UI design
  • Algorithm - Updated the "first pick" factor algorithm
  • Algorithm - Updated winrates with current meta
Updated on 2018/05/13 :
  • UI - Header now shows connected user
  • UI - Player can now register his league in his account preferences that will be soon used for algo
  • UI - You can now specify the league (bronze, gold ...) in which the current draft is happening if not connected (will be used soon in algo).
  • Algorithm - Updated the "first pick" factor which defavor heroes having massive counters and favor safe first picks

What i am currently working on :

  • Tunning Algorithm
  • Addind other languages